newsletter 2-19-16


February 19th, 2016



  • v      MOVIE NIGHT: Thank you all for coming to movie night. We hope you had a good time and we look forward to more movie nights in the future.
  • v      MAD SCIENCE: We will be having a visit from the Mad Science group on February 24th from 9:30-10:00. Our topic is Colors! Please be sure to have your child at school before 9:30 if you want them to attend.


Name: Junie B. Jones The Musical at Northbrook Theatre

Date: February 27, 2016


Event Description:

Junie B. Jones The Musical is....where we step into the outspoken, precocious and loveable life of Junie B., complete with her Top-Secret Personal Beeswax Journal and experience funny and fast-paced musical adventures of first grade!



The first week of our project on art is off to a great start. We began the week by talking about the different forms of art such as painting, sculptures, photography, wire and even knitting! The children looked through several books and had the chance to see many different types of completed artwork created by many different artists. As a class we did some experimenting with color mixing as well. We picked any two colors of paint and mixed them together to see what would happen. It was fun to guess and check and see what we could create. For art activities we worked with markers, colored pencils and had a great time finger painting! Next week we will continue to explore art and its many forms. We will use crayons and oil pastels and have the opportunity to paint on several different mediums. 


 Gregg Susan and Susan