The Team GBN Approach

At GBN we believe that relationships are key to learning.  We also know that young children learn best through play and exploration in safe, beautiful and natural environments.  We are committed to hiring professional educators who know what to do and how to do it to maximize your child’s potential.  They are intentional and loving.  They care about each child and individualize learning.  Our teachers respect the child’s culture and language and create meaningful family and community connections.

  • Relationships are central.
  • Play is the primary context for learning.
  • Safe, aesthetically pleasing and natural environments encourage learning. 
  • Learning is integrated.
  • Intentional teaching enhances children's learning experiences.
  • Family and community partnerships create meaningful connections.
  • Individualization of learning includes all children.
  • Responsiveness to culture and language supports children's learning.
  • Time for reflection and planning enhances teaching.

Our Mission

The Gertrude B. Nielsen Child Care and Learning Center establishes a partnership with families to support their children's development and models excellence in early childhood education.