124RED LESSON PLAN/ January 29, 2016

Toddler II Lesson Plan

Topic: Vehicles




  • ▲        Cars, trucks, boats, planes, buses, etc. are all types of vehicles.

  • ▲        A vehicle is something that takes a person from place to place.

  • ▲        Some vehicles are used to help people with their work.


    Group Time:

  • ▲        Sing song and read the bookof “We all go Traveling By” Allow each child the opportunity to offer a verse. (creative, language)

  • ▲        Read the books, Freight Train and Inside Freight Train by Donald Crews.  Discuss the different types of train cars and what is stored inside them. (language, cognitive)

  • ▲        Show the children a chart with different types of vehicles on it.  Ask the children to name the vehicles.  Record each child’s favorite.  Ask the children what type of vehicle Mommy or Daddy drives.  What color is it? Record their response. (language, literacy, cognitive)

  • ▲        Flannel board: What goes where?  Flannel board vehicles are placed in corresponding environment (air, water, track, road, etc.) Allow children to have turns putting vehicles where they belong. (cognitive, language)



  • ▲        Paint with vehicles on butcher paper.  Point out the different marks the different vehicles make. (creative, motor)

  • ▲        Make our own vehicles. Spend one day painting the boxes and another decorating with collage materials. Use for play when dry. (creative, social)

  • ▲        Stamp pads and vehicle stamps at the easel. (motor, creative)

  • ▲        Glue geometric shapes to paper to create vehicles. (creative)



  • ▲        Dirt and construction vehicles (sensory, creative)

  • ▲        Corn meal and tractors (sensory, social)

  • ▲        Boats and water (sensory, creative)

  • ▲        Horses and oats.  Discuss how a horse is like a vehicle and was used before cars and in areas where vehicles aren’t available. (creative, social)


    Four Person/Manipulative:

  • ▲        Trains and tracks (cognitive, motor, language)

  • ▲        Airplanes and road map (social, creative)

  • ▲        Vehicle puzzles (cognitive)


    Special Activity:

Make a road with masking tape.  Ask each child to lay down a piece of tape anywhere they would like.  Add matchbox cars.  (cognitive, social, motor)