Room 124 Red Lesson Plan


Topic: Pets


  • Pets are animals that we have at home. Some common pets are cats, dogs, fish, bunnies, hamsters, etc. Some exotic pets can be reptiles such as snakes, turtles or lizards.
  • We need to take care of pets such as feed them, clean them, and pick up after them.
  • Pets become part of our family and we need to show them love.
  • We are very gentle with the pets we have; we pet them and never hurt them such as pull their tail.


Group Time:

  • Read the book, What Pet To Get. Discuss what animals Jack was not allowed to get- lion, elephant and giraffe, etc. These animals only belong in the wild or a zoo because we do not have room or can not take care of them. Why was Jack allowed to get a puppy?
  • Read the book, Ahhhhh Spider! Discuss with the children why the family kept throwing the spider out of their house.
  • Read and do the flannel board, I Wrote to the Zoo. Discuss the adjectives that describe each animal and why we sent them back to the zoo. Example: Why would we send back a fierce lion?
  • Go through all of the pictures the children brought in of their animals at home or from other family members. Have the children tell everyone what kind of animal it is, the name, and what they do with their pet at home.



  • Create fish with the back of a cd and sparkles.
  • Make a cat or dog with yarn, paint and paper plates.
  • Caterpillars with cut egg cartons, pom poms and paint.
  • Create bunnies with cotton balls on paper



  • o       Fishing with fish, nets and colored blue water.

  • o       Pet animal toys (bird, cat, dog, fish, gerbil) with shredded paper and boxes.

  • o       Gravel, fish, boats, scoops.

  • o       Oatmeal, spoons, cups.


    Dramatic Play:

  • Create a pet shop