106-108 Green Lesson Plan February 2016

"Our Five Senses"

February 2016 Curriculum Plan


  • Read: "Touch and Feel:123 "

  • Read: "The Eye Book" by Dr. Seuss

  • Read: "I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!" by Dr. Seuss

  • Read: "The Nose Book" by Al Perkins

  • Read: "The Ear Book" by Al Perkins

  • Read: "A Taste of Honey" by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Purpose:  Expose children to oral language and books.

Creative Expression

  • Sing: “The Five Senses Song”

  • Sing: “My Five Senses”

  • Sing: “What Can I See…?”

  • Fingerplay: “This Little Piggy Went to the Market”

  • Fingerplay: “I Use My Five Senses”

  • Fingerplay: “Our Five Senses”

 Purpose: Provide exposure to rhyme for language development.

Physical Development

  • Roll or kick sensory balls or objects on the floor

  • Shake wristbands with bells

  • Splash water with our feet or hands

  • Watch and/or reach for floating bubbles

  • Practice grabbing or feeling loofas

  • Practice grabbing our toes on our backs

Purpose: Experience with following directions; engaging gross and fine motor muscle groups. 

Arts Appreciation

  • Paint with our feet

  • Paint over our reflection on the wall mirror

  • Use ink pads to make hand prints or footprints on paper

  • Paint using a paper towel roll

  • Listen to different musical instruments

Purpose: Expose children to different ways of artistic expression through their senses.

Science/Social Studies/ Math

  • Smell: Smell sensory jars with safe/various scents

  • Touch: Explore tactile posters on the floor

  • Sight and Touch: Explore colorful pasta

  • Hear and Sight: Practice counting with our fingers

  • Taste: Eat our food and/or our formula and/or breast milk

  • Hear: Listen to a story read by the teachers

Purpose: Experience natural environmental living things; engage their senses of touch; experience with basic numeration.

 Parent Participation


An infant uses its five senses both to get accustomed with their environment and to achieve comfort.  Every baby goes about this differently.  You and your child could explore the natural world using all five of their senses: i.e. tasting new foods/drinking from the bottle; listening to the sounds around them; watching what’s moving near and far; smelling different scents at home or school; and feeling various textures on their skin.  These will all help facilitate in the growth of your child’s development throughout their infancy.

**Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum with daily interactions and planned activities.**