101/103 Green Curriculum April 2016- Primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue



Vocabulary: Colors, Red, Yellow, blue

  Books:  Happy Baby Colors by Priddy Books

             Colors by Innovative Kids

             Animals in Color by Sabastiano Ranchetti

             The Colors of Us by Karen Katz

 *Nurture children’s natural desire to read and write


       Creative Expression

Activities:  Sing“Little Red Wagon”

                            “Who is wearing Blue today…”

                            “Five Green and speckled frogs”

              Dance with colored scarves

              Dance with colored rattles and shakers               

*Demonstrate the desire and develop the ability to engage, interact and build relationships with familiar adults and peers


 Science/Social Studies/ Math


Activities:  Roll red balls down the ramp

                   Work on color puzzles

                   Let children explore with food coloring and water

                   Sorting and counting color links


*Children are building the foundation for problem solving through active exploration and social interaction       



 Physical Development: Movement /Outdoor


Activities:  Pick up different colored items and place them in buckets

                Visit the fish tank to see the colored fish

Let children roll around and crinkle up red/yellow colored butcher paper

Let children reach for and touch different colored items    on wall mirror

*Provide an environment where the child can observe and explore



­    Art Appreciation: Art/Sensory


  Activities:  Mix red and yellow paint to make orange, mix blue and

                     yellow to make green        

                   Tie-dye activity using wet wipes and paint

                     Add colored ice cubes to water table

                     Color a cardboard box using red crayons


*Provide opportunities to build imagination and creativity.



”    Parent Participation


 Parent Involvement Opportunities:


Friday, April 22nd is RED day!  Please dress your child in Red!


*As you dress her/him up in the morning you can say, “You are going to wear a red outfit today. I hope you like it…” It is important in their learning process.