101/103 Green Newsletter April 2016

Room 101/103 Green


*We welcome Becca McDowell and Andrew Slowik with their families to our Infant room. We are delighted to have you!

*Good luck in the Toddler room Carter, Ethan and Hasnain! We will miss you!

   *Friday 4/15/16: Week of the Young Child Infant/Toddler Breakfast    from 7:30-9:00am.        Looking forward to see you!


                                                     Did You Know…?

1.      We provide birthday lists and parent directories for your use in mailing birthday party invitations.  We do not allow birthday invitations to be put on cubbies.  Ask Pam to email a directory to you.

2.      We do not allow superhero themed party goods to be brought in for school birthday celebrations.  Speak to your teachers about what is appropriate for school birthday parties.

3.      GBN uses the Ages and Stages questionnaire as a developmental screening tool for each child.

4.     A parent area is located on our GBN website.  Visit www.gbnchildcare.com.  Click on Parent Area.  The User Name is Parent.  The Password is Parent 123.


This Month’s Theme: Primary colors: Red, Yellow and Blue (See Curriculum)

Infants may not be able to communicate colors to you, but they can absorb the information for future use.  Even if it seems silly to talk to someone who can’t talk back, it is important in the infant learning process.  Name colors as you go throughout your day-“Roll me the purple ball” or “You are wearing an orange bib.”  The more you say the color names, the more likely your infant will absorb the words themselves and make the connection between work and color.


Article: How to Teach Your Baby Colors by Krista Guerrero 

How to Teach Your Baby Colors

By Krista Guerrero  |   Submitted On May 04, 2009

  You don't need to wait until your baby is a specific age to begin teaching them to identify colors. You can begin teaching your baby colors at birth. Your child will always know the names of the different colors without struggling to remember their names, if you use the method described here.

In order to teach your baby the names and identities of different colors, simply make color a part of your conversation. As you dress your baby, tell them what color the dress is that you are putting on them. As you cover them with a blanket tell your baby, "Here is your blue blanket."

As you go about your day, be sure to describe the colors that are around you. As you put away dishes or fold the laundry, tell your baby the different colors you see. When you play with baby, describe the colors of your baby's toys.

This is a simple and easy way to teach your baby all about color. You will be talking to your baby anyway, just be sure to include some descriptive words. Your baby will really benefit from this.

I love to point out the things in our surroundings to my babies. I show them the yellow flowers, the blue sky, the white clouds and the green grass. We look at the different color balloons at the grocery store and talk about the colors of the fruits and vegetables.

I began to do these things with my children at a young age. When my daughter was 10 months old we were playing with her blocks. I was telling her the different colors of the blocks and mixing them up.

I asked her to get me the blue block and she did. I asked her to get me the red block, the yellow block and the green block. She correctly identified these four colors with no hesitation. At this age, she was not speaking, but proved that she was certainly learning and understanding.

Babies are capable of learning so much from birth to five years old. We should not set limits on what we think they can and want to learn.

Krista Guerrero is the founder of Intellectual Baby, LLC, a Florida based company that produces and distributes educational products for babies. The product line includes, DVD's, flash cards, toys, books, and more. Its founder, Krista Guerrero, taught her son to read as an infant. Having taught reading for many years, she discovered that babies are capable of learning to read easier and faster than school-aged children. Her proven techniques have been incorporated into the "Monki See Monki Doo" system. To get your free report "How to Have a Smarter Baby", visit http://www.intellbaby.com/babies-can-read.html

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Krista_Guerrero/277673