101/103 Lesson Plan Feb 2016


Vocabulary: clap, shake, play, loud, soft


-         Down by the Station by Jennifer Riggs Vetter

-         The Itsy Bitsy Spider interpreted by Iza Trapani

-         Peter Rabbit’s Lullabies by DK Publishers

-         Book of Nursery Rhymes by Ian Penney

~ Children demonstrate interest in and comprehension of printed materials.


      Creative Expression: Music/Drama

Songs:   “Five Little Monkeys”; “The Muffin Man”

        “Pat-a-Cake”; “The Wheels on the Bus”

Music:              - Play music on CD from different cultures

              - Use different instruments to create music

Dramatic Play: Mimic different movements to the rhythm of the music playing on CD

~ Children demonstrate the ability to convey ideas and emotions through creative expression


             Science/Social Studies/ Math

Science:  On the stroller ride, listen to the birds chirp in the aviary

Social Studies: With the children, sit, kneel, or stand with them as you clap, sing, snap, stomp, jump, dance, etc.


Math: Practice counting as we clap our hands and stomp our feet


~ Children demonstrate interest and eagerness in learning about their world



    Physical Development: Movement /Outdoor

Activities: -

- Sing songs to the children on a stroller ride outside (weather permitting)

-Sway back and forth like the wind using colored scarves

-Take musical instruments outside to play on the playground (weather permitting)

~ An opportunity to be aware how objects and people move and fit in space. Also develop language and cognitive skills.


                                    Art Appreciation: Art/Sensory


- Finger paint while the music is playing in the classroom

- Paint with soft colors and bold colors

- Wash our instruments in the sensory bin

- Explore different cultural instruments in the sensory bin


~ Finding their creative ways to make art will inspire children and spark their imagination



”            Parent Participation


Parent Involvement Opportunities:


- If your child has a favorite CD that he or she likes to listen to at home, please bring it in to share with the classroom.

- Play a game of “Floaty Scarf”: fling a scarf in the air and let your child watch it settle or land on their head or the floor

- Sing songs to your child in the car, at the dinner table, in the bath, before bed, etc.