101/103/Green Curriculum March 2016- Project Theme: "Play Ball"


Vocabulary: Ball, Roll, Bounce, Throw, Catch

Books: - “The Berenstain Bears Go Out For The Team” by Stan and

  Jan Berenstain

              - “Froggy Plays Soccer” by Jonathan London

              - “Froggy Plays T-Ball” by Jonathan London

             - “Shapes and Colors” by Waldman Publishing

* Focuses attention while looking at printed materials for brief periods of time


Creative Expression: Music/Drama

Songs:  - “Take me out to the ball game”                      

- “Uno, dos, tres amigos” (refer to the Infant sing along handout)

- “If you are happy and you know it roll the ball”

Music: Bounce ball to rhythm of music/song playing

Dramatic Play: - “How big is ……so big”

               - Play peek-a-boo with balls and scarves

* Children demonstrate the ability to convey ideas and emotions


Science/Social Studies/ Math

 Outdoor activities:

- Hide balls in sandbox and allow children to find them.

- Find things that are round like balls

Indoor activities: - See which balls sink or float in water

- Fill and dump cupcake trays with balls

- Match ball sizes and their colors


* Children show interest and eagerness in learning about their world


Physical Development: Indoor Outdoor Movement

Activities: Free play with variety of balls

                 Roll a ball on different surfaces

                 Fill the “pool” with different balls

                 Encourage children to put/throw balls into basket

* Practice emerging skills in coordination, movement and balance and controlled use of large muscles


Arts Appreciation: Art/Sensory

- Finger painting on bubble wrap

- Dip balls in paint and roll on a piece of construction paper

- Feel textured balls vs. smooth

- Splash with balls in the sensory table  

* Art and sensory activities will inspire children and spark their imagination   


 Parent Participation

   Parent Involvement Opportunities:

  Practice gross-motor ball play activities at home.

         Roll, kick, throw a ball back and forth with your child.