102/104 Green Lesson Plan April

Our April theme is 'Wonderful Weather!'


Books: S Is For Sunshine by Carol Crane

            Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

            What Will The Weather Be? by Lynda DeWitt

            The Cloud Book by Tomie dePaola

Purpose: Expose children to oral language and books.     



Creative Expression:

Songs: “If All The Raindrops Were…”

            “The Green Grass Grows All Around”

            “You Are My Sunshine”

            “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

Dramatic Play: Trying on rain boots, hats, and sunglasses

Purpose: Provide exposure to rhyme for language development.    



Science/Social Studies/Math:

   Activities: Watching the squash plants grow in our classroom

                    Exploring light and dark with our light table

                    Splashing with colored water in the sensory table

                    Squishing “rain cloud” wet cotton balls in a clear bag          

 Purpose: Experience with numeration; engage their senses of touch & listening.  



Physical Development:

 Activities:  Crawling through cardboard boxes

                    Walking or crawling in the grass outside on sunny days

                     Clapping our hands like thunder

                      Blowing windmills inside and watching them spin from the wind outside

Purpose: Experience with following directions; engaging gross and fine motor muscle groups.  



­    Arts Appreciation:


            Painting paper plate umbrellas

            “Window Painting” with paper & paint inside a clear bag

            ‘Sunshine Stamps’ using paper towel rolls or paper cups

            Painting white clouds using sponges on blue paper

 Purpose: Expose children to different ways of artistic expression through their senses.   



”    Parent Participation:


    Take your child for a walk outside! Explore the weather and nature with them by talking about what you see, hear, smell, or touch. Share with us through pictures or stories of your adventures outside!