106-108 Green Newsletter February 2016

106-108 February 2016 Newsletter

Room News:

~ Our theme for this month is “Our Five Senses”.  The teachers have collaborated to come up with a variety of activities that will interest the children.

~ Please welcome Elizabeth (Libby) Dallia and her parents, Catherine and Michael to Room 108.  We are excited you all have joined our classroom! We would also like to welcome Oliver Macias to room 106.  We are excited that you are here!

 Family Outings:

~ Kohl’s Children Museum – Offers more than a dozen interactive and hands-on exhibits and programs for young children.  Kohl’s Children Museum Information: 2100 Patriot Boulevard; Glenview 60026; (847) 832-6600; http://www.kohlchildrensmuseum.org/

~ Wheeling Indoor Arctic Pool – Offers a zero-depth leisure pool, a toddler slide, interactive water play structures, and a mini-lazy river all indoors!  Wheeling Indoor Arctic Pool Information: 333 W. Dundee Road; Wheeling 60090; 847/465-7674; www.wheelingparkdistrict.com/arctic-splash

 Timely Topic: Healthy Growth and Development

~ An Infant’s physical development unfolds quickly from birth. Newborns come into this world as fragile bundles in need of gentle handling, holding, head and neck support. Within three months time, infant’s necks and upper torsos strengthen to support their heads.

 ~ Infants continue to strengthen and develop throughout their first year from their heads to their feet as they go from prone to upright to standing; from uncontrolled large arm movements to deliberate reaching to picking up small bits of food with their finger tips.

 ~ The early learning environment plays a crucial role in development.  Infants early learning is optimized when they have time and safe spaces to explore their natural curiosities and when trusted caregivers are there to describe, interpret, and encourage these explorations (source: Gail Conway, M.Ed.).

 School News:

~ Come join us for the Infant-Wing Potluck and Sing-a-long will be on Wednesday, February 17th from 4:30-5:45 pm!  We will have a sing-a-long session in the mini-gym and a potluck feast in the classrooms.  A potluck food sign-up sheet will be posted on the clipboard in the next few weeks.  More information will follow.

Did you know?:

 ~ GBN has an open door policy – you are welcome to visit your child during the day.   We also have phones in every classroom for both parent and teacher convenience.

 ~ GBN is a peanut-free zone.

 ~ Karen Crawford is a registered nurse and has been Nielsen’s health nurse consultant since January 2004.  She graduated from Northern Illinois University.

 ~ The curriculum is literacy-rich, play-based, and project-oriented.