106-108 Green Newsletter March 2016

106-108 March 2016 Newsletter

Room News:

~ Our theme for this month is “Dr. Seuss”.  The teachers have collaborated to come up with a variety of activities that will interest the children.

 Family Outings:

~ Cosley Zoo – Get up close to a large variety of domestic farm animals and native Illinois wildlife. You'll see cows, horses, sheep, goats, llamas, deer, birds, raccoons, rabbits, chickens, pigs, birds of prey, coyotes, burro and foxes. Offers paved pathways which are accessible for strollers and persons with disabilities. Cosley Zoo Information: 1356 Gary Ave.; Wheaton 60187; (630) 665-5534; http://cosleyzoo.org/

~ Skokie Public Library – Come enjoy our great spaces, collections, and services for babies through 8th graders.  Check out all the kid-friendly areas in our first floor: Youth Services area. Infants are able to hang out safely in their very own Baby Garden.  Children can listen to a story in our Program Room, make fun projects in our well-stocked Craft Room, or play with Lego’s or puppets in the Preschool Area.  Skokie Public Library Information: 5215 Oakton St.; Skokie 60077; 847-673-7774; https://skokielibrary.info/

 Timely Topic: Consistent Care at Home and Child Care Centers

~ Maintaining consistent routines and experiences for children across home and childcare is important for a variety of reasons.  Having elements of familiarity can relieve children’s anxiety about separating from their family.  Continuity helps children predict what is going to happen next and encourages them to feel as though they have a sense of control over what is occurring in their environment.  This empowers children and supports their developing independence.

~ While childcare centers should try to accommodate your child’s specific needs, it is important to understand that the individual attention that your child receives at home may not always be replicated in a group care environment.  Childcare professionals must implement practices that comply with licensing regulations, quality assurance standards and what is currently the recommended best practice(s) for children.  As such, childcare professionals may not be able to meet all requests from families for specific, individualized practices.

~ By working together with your child care professionals to combine the knowledge that you [as the parents] can offer about your child with the experience and formal training of your childcare professionals, a range of routines and strategies can be developed that will work both at home and in group care.  (Source: “Bridging the Gap Between Home and Child Care” by Georgia McKay)

 School News:

~ Thursday, March 17th from 4:30-5:45 pm: Come to our “Meet and Greet” with our school nurse, Karen Crawford. Please bring any questions/concerns you may have!

~ Friday, March 25th: GBN is closed for our Spring Break Day.  Enjoy your 3-day weekend with your family!  We will reopen on Monday, March 28th.

Did you know?

 ~ GBN has an open door policy – you are welcome to visit your child during the day.   We also have phones in every classroom for both parent and teacher convenience.

~ GBN uses the Ages and Stages (ASQ) questionnaire as a developmental screening tool for each child.

~ A parent area is located on our GBN website.  Visit www.gbnchildcare.com.  Click on Parent Area. The user name is Parent, and the password is Parent 123.

The Nielsen Center is play based and encourages children’s learning through exploration and discovery.