106-108 March 2016 Lesson Plan

106-108 March 2016 Lesson Plan

Dr. Seuss




  • Read: The Cat in the Hat
  • Read: The Shape of Me and Other Stuff
  • Read: Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
  • Read: Green Eggs and Ham
  • Read: Ten Apples up on Top
  • Read: If I Ran the Zoo
  • Read: Hop on Pop

Purpose:  Expose children to oral language and books.

Creative Expression

  • Sing: “Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!”

  • Sing: “Old Macdonald Had a Farm”
  • Sing:  “ABC’s”
  • Sing: “Wocket in my Pocket
  • Fingerplay: “1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Apples…”
  • Fingerplay: “Cat in the Hat”
  • Fingerplay: ““Goes with Fox on Sox”
Purpose: Provide exposure to rhyme for language development.

Science/Social Studies/ Math

  • Make ooblek using cornstarch and water
  • Playing with the zoo animals
  • Counting 10 apples in Spanish using the overhead projector.
  • Look at our shadows with the overhead projector.
  • Trace our body outline on butcher paper
  • Touch red, yellow, green and blue frozen gloves for sensory
  • Explore paper-mache (flour, water, and newspaper strips)

Purpose: Experience natural environmental living things; engage their 5 senses; experience with basic numeration.

Physical Development

  • Reach and pop bubbles

  • Explore textured balls

  • Practice kicking and moving our feet

  • Roll our bodies from back to belly and belly to back

  • Move suction cupped toys on the floor or countertop

  • Explore how many blocks can balance before falling

Purpose: Experience with following directions; engaging gross and fine motor muscle groups.

Arts Appreciation

  • Painting with apples

  • Mixing blue and yellow to make green

  • Hand painting with red and white paint

  • Visual Art: look at red and blue fish projected on the wall

  • Paint with yellow paint using our feet

  • Roll textured balls through black paint onto white paper

Purpose: Expose children to different ways of artistic expression through their senses.

Parent Participation

Dr. Seuss had a clever and innate knowledge of how to make reading fun and engaging for young children.  His books all have some sort of learning value or lesson in them.  Take a trip to the library or check online to see the immense amount of books he authored during his career.  Encourage your child to explore their creative and imaginative sides just as Dr. Seuss did with his silly limericks and stories.

Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum with daily interactions and planned activities.