106-108 Green Lesson Play April 2016

106-108 April 2016

Monthly Curriculum Plan


  • Read: Baby Loves Spring by Karen Katz

  • Read: Spring is Here by Will Hillenbrand

  • Read: Countdown to Spring by Janet Sabalman

  • Read: My Spring Robin by Anne Rockwell

  • Read: The Spring Rabbit by Jorge Dunber

  • Read: The Start of Spring by Frederick Warm

  • Read: Wake Up, It’s Spring by Lisa Campbell Ernst

Purpose:  Expose children to oral language and books.

Creative Expression

  • Sing:  “If All the Raindrops”

  • Sing:  “The Ants Go Marching”

  • Sing:  “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

  • Fingerplay: “The Days of Spring”

  • Fingerplay: “Caterpillar”

  • Sing: “You are My Sunshine”

Purpose: Provide exposure to rhyme for language development.

Science/Social Studies/ Math

  • Shine flashlights in a darkened room/visually track the light

  • Feel water and mud on our feet

  • Explore nature items from outside (some under contact paper)

  • Use our sense of smell to smell real flowers

  • Explore nature sensory bags (water mixed with flowers)

Purpose:  Experience natural environmental living things; engage their 5 senses; experience with basic numeration.

Physical Development

  • Reach and/or grab onto hanging blue ribbon and scarves

  • Play hide the caterpillar

  • Squeeze/touch sponges with our hands in blue water

  • Spring sensory play

  • Search for vegetables in Dirt Dough (baking soda, food coloring and water)

Purpose: Experience with following directions; engaging gross and fine motor muscle groups.

 Arts Appreciation

  • Paint with brown paint mixed with dirt on green paper

  • Paint with green & pink paint on corkboard

  • Manipulate balls in a container with watercolors & wipes

  • Paint on top of flowers

  • “Ladybug” print art

  • Coffee Filter “Butterflies”

Purpose: Expose children to different ways of artistic expression through their natural senses.

   Parent Participation

Spring has FINALLY approached us!  Take the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors!  There are many great activities that you can do with your little one, such as taking a walk in your neighborhood and discussing what you and your child see, hear, smell, and touch.  Spring is such a beautiful season with all of the flowers blooming, birds chirping, and bugs crawling around.  There is so much to see in your own backyard, forest preserves, and nature parks.

Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum with daily interactions and planned activities.