Kindergarten Newsletter - February 19, 2016


Field Trip: Thank you to everyone for a wonderful field trip experience! We are so grateful to the parents who were able to join us on this trip. The children, and the teachers alike, had a great time!

MAD SCIENCE WORKSHOPS: Mad Science Group Inc. has franchises located around the world, and bring science education to millions of children each year. Our innovative programs help kids learn about science through our fun after-school programs, preschool programs, in-class workshops, camps, birthday parties and special events. Mad Science will be coming on Wednesday, February 24th. Kindergartens time slot is from 11:30 to 12:15.  Their workshop will be about: The Human Body.

Staff Update: Great news! Mrs. Arado will be back on Monday, February 29th! We are all so excited to have her back in our classroom and appreciate your understanding during her absence.

Community Happenings 

Junie B. Jones the Musical

Northbrook Theatre for Young Audiences, 3323 Walters Avenue, Northbrook 60062

Junie B. Jones the Musical is where we step into the outspoken, precocious and loveable life of Junie B., complete with her Top-Secret Personal Beeswax Journal and experience funny and fast-paced musical adventures of first grade.

Time: Saturdays at 10am and 1pm

Cost: $12

Ages: Ages 4 and up

 Curriculum Update

This week, we began our study of the human body. Over the course of this week and next, we will review and learn new things about our five senses. We have had some fun, interactive group times. We made popcorn to start the week – only it was hidden and the children needed to use all of their senses to detect what it was! We also played a game of “what’s missing?” at group time. During this group time, 6 objects were placed in front of the children. Every turn, a teacher would remove one or two of the items and it was up to the kindergartners to determine what was missing. We also charted the different eye colors of everyone.  We finished our week by using our sense of touch to determine items hidden inside a box. We are having a great time at group time this week!

This week’s sight words: on, or, and


Literacy Table

At the literacy table, we are working on dictations. The kindergartners are finishing the following sentence: “When I look outside, I see…” After completing their sentence, we asked the children to provide a drawing to accompany their dictation. Feel free to take a look at these in the literacy shelves on the back counter. Your child should be able to tell you which day they come to the literacy table.

Math Table

At the math table, we practiced counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. For this activity, we used a yard stick and clips. We’d begin by counting 2 spots, and putting a clip on the number 2. We’d count 2 more spots, putting the clip on the number 4. We continued until the entire yard stick was full. Once it was full, we counted together and then filled in our “climbing the ladder” worksheet. We repeated these steps for counting by 5s and 10s.

Art Table

At the art table, we've done a variety of activities using our senses. We’ve made our own binoculars from recycled toilet paper rolls, used blindfolds to attempt to create art without our sense of sight, and created a collage of rough, smooth, and soft things. We will continue using our senses next week at the art table.