Kindergarten Newsletter, February 26th, 2016

February 26, 2016


Vision and Hearing Screenings: DCFS requires all children 3, 4, and 5 years old, not in public Kindergarten, to have an annual vision and hearing screening. Every child must have this done in order for us to be in compliance with DCFS. If your child has already had a vision or hearing screening this year, please bring in your paperwork. If you would like to have your child screened at school, we will be doing them on Tuesday, March 1st & Wednesday, March 2nd 9-11:30am. Each screening is $5, please see Pam if you have further questions.


Fun Fridays in March: Kindergarteners are invited to participate in Fun Fridays throughout the month of March. Each Friday will be a different themed day. 

Friday March 4th: Hat Day

Friday March 11th: Pattern Day

Friday March 18th: College Day

Thursday March 24th: Wacky Sock Day

Friday April 1st: Inside Out Day

Dental Health Presentation: Familia Dental will be here on Wednesday March 2nd to present dental health to preschool and kindergarten. Our time slot will be from 10-10:30.

Storytime with the Glenview Library: Storytime with the Glenview Library will be here on Wednesday, March 9th. Sylvia Kraft Walker will be returning to read of fun stories. Kindergarten’s time slot is from 10:50-11:30.

School Closed:  We will be closed for our Annual Spring Break Day on Friday, March 25th.

 Classroom Pet:  Kindergarten are now proud owners of a beta fish! His name (voted by the kindergartners themselves) is Frank in the Tank Fuzzy Pants. Please give him a warm welcome.


Community Happenings

Junie B. Jones the Musical

Northbrook Theatre for Young Audiences, 3323 Walters Avenue, Northbrook 60062

Junie B. Jones the Musical is where we step into the outspoken, precocious and loveable life of Junie B., complete with her Top-Secret Personal Beeswax Journal and experience funny and fast-paced musical adventures of first grade.

Time: Saturdays at 10am and 1pm

Cost: $12

Ages: Ages 4 and up

Curriculum Update

This week, we continued our study of the human body. We concluded our discussion of the five senses. We explored the sense of hearing, smell and taste. We discussed the main parts of the ear as well as played sound bingo. When discussing the sense of smell, we lit a match to discuss how we use our sense of smell to detect danger, as well as did an experiment plugging our nose and trying to guess what was in our mouth, exploring how the sense of smell effects our sense of taste. On Friday we did a taste test. We tested our taste buds to see if we like the taste of bitter, sour, sweet and salty. Can you guess which taste the kindergartners liked best?! Next week, we will begin learning about the layers of our body.

This week’s sight words: all, be, we

Literacy Table

At the literacy table, the kindergartners worked at their own levels. Some worked on three letter CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with i, e, and o. Some children began reading Bob Book, while others practiced their beginning sounds.


Grant reading a Bob Book to his group.   

Grant reading a Bob Book to his group.


Wednesday's literacy group sounding out CVC words.

Wednesday's literacy group sounding out CVC words.

Beginning sounds boar game is so much fun!

Beginning sounds boar game is so much fun!

Math Table

At the math table, Kindergartners discussed making teens with bead bars. Each child is given a number between 1-20, they then matched those numbers to the correct corresponding bead. As seen in the picture below, each child matches the corresponding bead bars to the correct number either from the bead bar row or a number placed in front of them. 


Aaron matching bead bars to numbers on the bead bar row and number cards.

Aaron matching bead bars to numbers on the bead bar row and number cards.

Art Table

At the art table, we’ve done a variety of activities using our senses. We created maracas with various materials, painted pictures with scented paint, dictated what our favorite smell was and baked banana bread.


Hmmmm...What's that smell?

Hmmmm...What's that smell?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Arado, Mrs. Daugherty, Ms. Berne and Mr. Mark