Kindergarten Newsletter- January 29th

January 29, 2016


Kindergarten Movie Night: Kindergarten will be participating in their first movie night on Wednesday February 10th from 4:30-5:45pm. Join us for pizza, pajamas and a movie. Pizza and salad will be provided by the school! We invite you all to wear pajamas or comfy clothes (your child will be wearing them all day!) We will be putting out a sign up sheet for you to RSVP. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are able to attend. Younger siblings will be having their own event.  We hope you all can make it! 

100th Day Celebration: The kindergartners celebrated their 100th day celebration last Friday. We all had such a wonderful time. Thank you all for coming and celebrating with us. Thank you such much to the room helpers who helped decorate and provided treats. We could not have done this without everyone! Thank you so much again! Hooray for 100 days!

Field Trip: Save the Date! On Friday, February 19th, the Kindergartners will be visiting the Museum of Science and Industry as an extension of our learning about the human body. The bus will be leaving the center PROMPTLY at 8:45am. Please have your child here NO LATER than 8:15am. If you would like your child to have breakfast here at school, please have them here by 7:30am. We will return to the center by 2:45pm. We are all looking forward to a fun exciting day at the museum!

Kindergarten Information NightKindergarten Information Night will be held on Wednesday, February 3rd at 4:30pm. This meeting is for all parents of prospective Kindergarten and Jr. Kindergarten parents. If your child will be turning 5 by December 30, 2016, you are encouraged to attend. Please join us at our Information Night to find out more information on our comprehensive curriculum and how it is tailored to meet each individual child’s needs, interested and abilities. Registration for 2016-2017 Kindergarten year starts at the Information Night and continues through February 10th. If you have any questions about the Information Night, please contact Suzie Brunner at or 847.564.3004.

Outdoor Play: Outdoor play is a part of your child's day in Kindergarten.  We are outside twice a day, even in the winter months.  Our temperature guidelines allow us to go outdoors if the temperature with the wind chill is 15 degrees or higher. The length of time we are outdoors depends on this temperature.  On a 30 degree day or above we will be outdoors in the morning and afternoon for at least 20 to 30 minutes. As a staff, we can understand that muddy snow gear on a daily basis can be frustrating.  Your children love to play and explore no matter what time of year it is outside.

The change in temperature allows for many new and different textures and fun to investigate and get messy with.  We recommend having at least one pair of snow pants, two pairs of waterproof gloves or mittens and as always, extra DRY clothing (pants and socks are a must) to change your into after outdoor play.


 Community Happenings

Firehouse Stories and Play: FireZone,1100 National Parkway, Schaumburg (847) 824-3473. Firefighters and Fire Trucks! Enjoy fun, hands-on activities that allow every child the opportunity to be little firefighters for the day. Kids can climb aboard a real fire truck, dress in fire gear, slide down the and even "rescue" our little victim. Parents get to enjoy free gourmet coffee every time. Time: 10am-1pm Wednesdays and 12-3 Fridays. Cost: $9 per child. Ages: Ages 2-8

Open Ice Skating: Glenview Ice Center. 1851 Landwehr Rd. Glenview 60026. (847) 724-2800 During the school year, enjoy quality time with your family at our Public Skating Sessions. Hours may vary due to special events and holidays. Please call 847-724-2800 to check on hours before coming to the rink. Hours change during spring break. Regular schedule:  Mon, Wed, Fri 12-2, Tues, Thurs 10am-noon, Fri 8:15-10:15pm Sat, Sun 1:30-3pm year round - through may check during break. Sept 1 - May 4. Cost: Weekdays, Sat. & Sun.: $7, Friday Nights & Holidays: $8 Ages: All ages

Curriculum Update

This week the kindergarteners participated in various activities and discussions all around the number 100. These included some fun interactive morning group times. During these group times, we teamed up to work on 100 piece puzzles, create a block structure in 100 seconds and presented our 100-piece collage. We also played a dice-rolling game where we rolled 3 dice. The object of the game was to determine whether the rolled number was higher or lower than 100. This provided an opportunity to work with place value too! Please take a look at our documentation board in the hallway to see all the fun things we did based on the number 100 throughout the week.

Sight Words: We have started to learn sight words during our pre-lunch stair time. Sight words, also known as high-frequency words, are words that occur often in the books we read, and are those that we’re encouraging children to memorize as a whole by sight. This strategy is helpful for emergent readers to automatically recognize these words in print without having to decode. Each week, we will learn 2-4 new sight words. The children will help us define them, write them, and use them in a sentence. Once we’ve practiced these things, the words will be placed on our word “wall” located on the cabinets above our carpet area. Word walls have many benefits. They teach children to recognize and spell high-frequency words, see patterns and relationships in words, build phonemic awareness skills and apply phonics rules. Word walls also provide reference support for children during reading and writing activities. Children learn to be independent as they use the word walls throughout their daily activities. We will include each week’s sight words in the newsletter. In addition, the sight words are posted separately on the wall by the stairs.

This week’s sight words are: I, is, the

Have a terrific weekend!

Mrs. Arado, Mrs. Daugherty, Mr. Mark, & Miss Berne