134Red Newsletter 2-19-2016


February 19, 2016



  • MOVIE NIGHT: We are excited to announce 134’s Move Night. Please join us for dinner and a movie here at school in the Mini-gym this coming Wednesday, February 24th, from 4:30-5:45. Pizza will be provided by the school. Everyone is invited to come dressed in pajamas for even more fun and comfort. [The children can wear pajamas all day!] We will put up an RSVP sheet by the clipboard. We would appreciate you letting us know if you will be joining us. Parents only please. Younger siblings have their own special night.

  • IN-CLASS WORKSHOP: Our class will be participating in a special science workshop on Wednesday, February 24th. The topic is “Wonderful Weather.” The workshop is for the children only during our curriculum time. We look forward to sharing with you afterwards all the interesting things we learned.


    • CHINESE GOLDEN DRAGON ACROBATS: February 17-18th at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts (9501 Skokie Blvd., Skokie). North Shore Center’s Youtheater welcomes the Chinese Golden Acrobats to Skokie to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  For more information visit www.northshorecenter.org.

    • SLEEP-OVER WITH THE ANIMALS: February 20-21st at the Lincoln Park Zoo (2001 N. Clark St., Chicago). Have dinner and then explore the zoo after hours before enjoying snacks, games, and stories as you get ready to curl up in your sleeping bag. Breakfast is served in the morning. For more information visit www.lpzoo.org.



          Our schedule in both the summer and the winter provides for us to play outside twice a day. Our ability to play outside depends on the weather. Many times the children will ask, “Can we go outside,” or “Are we going outside?” We have finished our unit on winter, so it seemed appropriate and a prime opportunity to look at “weather” for our next unit. Our goal is to help the children learn what information is needed and how to gather that information in order to determine the answer to their questions about the weather. This way, they can better understand how we get to the answer about going outside, and be able to answer the question more independently.

          We started the unit this week by looking at the definition of weather. It was explained that weather is made up of two things – temperature and precipitation. We explored what these words mean. For example, we feel temperatures and we see precipitation. Temperature is described with words, such as warm and cold; Precipitation is described with words, such as snow and rain. After the basic introduction, we moved into learning about temperatures in more detail. There are different ways to identify temperature. One way is connecting colors to temperatures, in which red is hot and dark blue is cold. We purchased a special thermometer for the classroom and showed the children on the measuring tool that the needle moves from one end of the spectrum to the other depending on the temperature. When we had it inside, the children saw the needle in the orange/yellow section (warm), and when it was outside, the needle was in the blue range (cold).

          The thermometer also measures temperatures in degrees, and includes information on wind chill, heat index, and humidity. Next week we will examine how to measure temperature with numbers in degrees.



Pauline, Patty, Suzie, and Samantha