133 Red Newsletter 2-25-16



February 25th, 2016


·         HEARING AND VISION SCREENING:  DCFS requires all children 3, 4, and 5 years old, not in public Kindergarten, to have an annual vision and hearing screening. Every child must have this done in order for us to be in compliance. This is the parent permission form. If you have already had a vision or hearing screening this year, please bring in the paperwork. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. HEARING and VISION screening are $5 each or $10 for both! For your convenience, the screenings will take place during the day at our center on Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 2, 2016.
·         STORY TELLER:  We have story time on Monday, March 9th from 10:00-10:40 AM.  Sylvia Kraft Walker is returning to lead us in a fun and interactive story time.  If you would like your child to attend, please have them at school before 10:00 AM.  Thank you!
·         DENTAL HEALTH PRESENTATION:  On Wednesday, March 2nd there will be a Dental Presentation from Familia Dental.  It will be held from 10:30-11:00 AM.  If you would like your child to participate, please have your child at school before 10:30.  
·         HILARY ON VACATION:  Hilary will be on vacation from February 29th-March 4th.  She will return on Monday, March 7th.  She will with family on vacation in Mexico.  Her substitute will be Jill Halteman.
·         FUN FRIDAYS IN MARCH:  We are going to have Fun Fridays for March!  Here is the schedule:  
March 4th:  HAT DAY
March 11th:  PATTERN DAY
March 18th:  COLLEGE DAY
March 24th:  WACKY SOCK DAY


SCHOOL CLOSED: We will be closed for our annual Spring Break Day on Friday, March 25th, 2016



Chicago Flower & Garden Show

Date: March 12, 2016


Event Description:

Spring ahead, with family fun for all ages at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, presented by Mariano's. Join in the fun -- and learn new things -- at the new and expanded Kids Activity Garden, where you roll up your sleeves and plant something, get up close and personal with creepy-crawly bugs or just enjoy some time on the swings or a slide in our indoor playground. Tickets for children are just $5.


Festival Hall, Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL.  60611

Date/Time Information:

Mar. 12-20, 2016  Sun-Wed: 10am-6pm Thur-Sat: 10am- 8pm

Contact Information:



Children ages 4-12: $5 Adult weekday: $14 (purchased online before the show) Adult weekend: $16 (purchased online before the show)


          This week we began our Cars project and the children really seem to be excited.  Cars is a subject they are very familiar with as they ride in them almost every day.  On Tuesday we showed the children the four kinds of cars they see on a regular basis.  We showed them sedans, SUV's, pickup trucks and mini vans.  Many of the children noticed that their parents drive these cars, they were excited when they saw the cars that they ride in every day.  We noticed that all cars have four wheels, they all have windshields, they all have windows and they all have engines to help them go.  We then started to notice some differences between the cars.  Some of the cars had two doors, and some had four doors.  Some of them were bigger, some were smaller.  The biggest difference the children noticed was the pickup truck.  "It doesn't have back seats!", said Nikola.  The teachers explained that people use pickup trucks for work, they use them to transport tools, machines, animals or other vehicles. 

          For art this week, we made a whole car out of a large box!  We cut off the flaps and made wheels.  The children painted the whole box bright red like a race car.   We painted the large circles black for the wheels and small paper plates silver for hubcaps.  The children will use it next week for dramatic play.  We will be transforming our loft area into a mechanic's shop!   

On Friday, we had the chance to take a look at three of the teachers cars.  Hilary, Gina and Suzie parked their cars in the back parking lot and the children took turns in small groups to look at both the outside and inside of each vehicle.  All three teachers have different make and models and the cars ranged from medium, large to extra large.  The following is a picture from the back of Suzie's GMC Yukon.  We think all the children would agree that honking the horn was a class favorite.



Hilary, Gina, and Jessica