124 Lesson Plan

Toddler II Lesson Plan

Topic: Rain


  • Rain helps plants and flowers grow.
  • Rain provides the water we drink.
  • It rains a lot during spring.
  • Rain comes from the clouds.


Group Time Objectives ( Integrated Content Area):

  • Talk about what we do when it rains.
  • Magnetic board on finding the hidden raindrop.
  • Read Who Likes Rain? Have a graph to see who likes the rain and who does not like the rain.  Each child will have a chance to pick a happy raindrop if they like the rain or a sad cloud if they do not like the rain.


Art Appreciation/Art:

  • Melt crayon shavings on wax paper.
  • Drip paint, using a eye dropper on coffee filters
  • Rainy day art.  After the children color on paper, take the paper outside and have the rain fall on the paper.
  • Spray paint on a poster board.


Creative Expression/Sensory:

  • Eye droppers with vinegar, food color and baking soda.
  • Ice mold with squirt bottles filled with warm water.
  • Fill the entire sensory bin with cotton balls and a few blue pebbles and containers.
  • Flubber and cookie drying rack. 


Special Activity:

o       Water maze with water bottles


Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum through daily interaction and planned activity.