124 Newsletter


March 18, 2016


School Closing: We will be closed on Friday, March 25th for a spring break day.


Must Have Products For Toddlers

Faucet Extender: Make hand washing even easier by attaching a faucet extender to the bathroom sink. The Aqueduck Single Handle Faucet Extender is a two-piece system that brings the water flow closer to the front of the sink and provides an extension to the faucet lever so kids can turn the water on and off easily after going potty.

Training Underwear: When your child begins toilet learning, introduce your toddler to his or her first pair of washable big child underwear. Gerber Training Pants feature covered elastic waistlines, making them easy for children to pull up and down. Tucked inside are 100 percent cotton panels to absorb accidents. These training pants are available in sizes 18 months, 2T and 3T.

Two-Piece Pajamas: Make evening and morning visits to the potty simpler with two-piece PJs that pull off and on easily. Carter's offers several adorable cotton top and polyester pants sets to keep kids warm and ready to use the potty at a moment's notice.

Toilet Learning Seat: Keep your little one safe and cozy during their time on the big potty. The Disappearing Potty Seat attaches to your existing toilet seat and tucks up into the lid via magnets when not in use. The slow-closing lid keeps little fingers from getting pinched.

Two-Piece Swim Suits: Playing in the pool with a toddler can often mean frequent potty breaks. Keep trips to the bathroom quick and simple by slipping your little one into a two-piece swimsuit. The Cabana Life Swim Shorts and Rashguard Set also offers long sleeves for optimal sun protection.

Stepping Stool: Once your toddler discovers how to make those little legs move, he'll be everywhere! The Graco Molded Step Stool makes it easy for him to reach the big potty, wash his hands at the sink, help you at the kitchen counter, and get in and out of his big kid bed. This stool offers a no-slip grip for tiny toes to stay put and a non-skid bottom to keep the stool securely in place.

Bathtub Spout Cover: Rub a dub dub, if you don't want any bumps in the tub, cover the faucet. The Kel-Gar Tubbly Bubbly elephant- or hippo-shaped bathtub spout cover allows water to flow while protecting your toddler's fingers from hot metal faucet spouts or accidental bruises and bumps when playing near the fixture during bath time.




This week we talked all about fruit! We explained to the children that a fruit is part of a plant that comes from the flower. In addition, a rule of thumb is that a fruit always has seeds. Some fruits that people get confused for vegetables include beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados and even corn kernels. The children were all about to sort and distinguish the difference between fruits and vegetables on their lunch plates and through our flannel board called “Oh, Mr.Rabbit.” Through discussions and reading books the children learned that fruit is grown on farms and they come from plants. However, different fruits come from different plants. They learned that bananas, oranges and apples grow on trees. Melons grow from vines. And berries grow on bushes.

One of the children’s favorite sensory activities was exploring fruit through their very own hands-on activity. We gave them safe pumpkin carving knives and they carved away, noticing seeds, skin and flesh. To end the week off with a bang, we did a class cooking project in which we made a fruit salad! The children were able to pour in a variety of fruit into a large bowl and mix it together with a spoon. They ate up every last bit!


NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC: Music and Instruments