124 Red Lesson Plan

Topic: Recycling


  • Recycling helps our environment.
  • We recycle glass, paper and plastics. These items have a symbol that resembles a triangle made up of arrows.
  • These materials are used to create new materials.
  • Recycling reduces garbage.
  • The garbage man collects materials to be recycled at your home and in special dumpsters.

 Group Time:

  • Read Where Does All The Garbage Go? By Melvin Berger. What is garbage?  Where does it go? How can we help our environment? (Language, literacy)
  • Read Why Should I Recycle? By Jen Green.  What types of items do the children recycle?  What do you recycle at home?  Record responses. (Language, literacy, science.)
  • Go on a litter hunt outside around our playground.  Discuss the items that are found. (motor, social studies, science)
  • Can this be recycled? Show the children various items- cans, bottles, paper, etc. What can be recycled? (Language, science, math)


  • Junk collage.  Glue together various recyclable materials to create a structure. (creative, motor, social)
  • Create water globes with water bottles. (motor, creative)
  • Decorate a classroom recycling bin. (creative, motor)
  • Scissors, magazines, junk mail and glue sticks. (creative, motor)


  • Clean mud and molds. (creative, motor, sensory)
  • Corks and water. (sensory)
  • Shredded paper and trucks (sensory, creative)
  • Dirt and cars (sensory, creative)

Special Activity:

  • Take a walk to the recycling bin to empty our recycling bin. (motor, language, social)