Toddler Two: Room 122 Red Lesson Plan March/April 2016

Topic: Five Senses 


o       We have 5 senses.

o       Hearing:

§         Ears are used for hearing.

§         Noises can be loud or soft.

§         People who need help hearing use hearing aids.

§         Deaf people have ears that can’t hear.

o       Smell:

§         We use our noses to smell.

§         When your nose is stuffy, you can’t smell.

§         Some things smell good, others yucky.

o       Sight:

§         We use our eyes to see.

§         People wear glasses to help them see better.

§         If a person can’t see at all they are blind.

§         Binoculars, magnifying glasses can make things appear bigger or smaller.

o       Taste:

§         We use our tongues for tasting.

§         The different types of taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter.

o       Touch:

§         We touch and feel with our skin.

§         We use gentle touches.


Provocations/Materials to Explore

o       Surprise/ Feely box                                        Different textures

o       Sound shaker matching                               Multicultural instruments

o       Voice recorder                                                Mirrors

o       Color tiles                                                      Texture puzzles

o       Music                                                               Matching games

o       Scent jars                                                       Texture board


Group Experiences/Investigations (Integrated Content Areas)

o       What do we know about our senses?

o       What is a nose? What does it do? Are they all the same?

o       What is an eye? What does it do? How are they different?

o       What is an ear? What does it do?

o       How do we taste?

o       How do you feel objects? Can we only use our hands?

o       Listen to sound effects.  What made that noise?

o       Touch objects in surprise box, can you guess by touch only?

o       Guess that smell?

o       Baking Soda & vinegar volcano: What changes do you see occurring?


Art Appreciation/Art:

o       Water colors on easels                       Food paint with shaving cream

o       Finger paint on butcher paper            Food collage on contact paper

o       Frozen ice paintings                                Paint with salt added

o       Play-dough with texture sticks                Stamp pads with hammers

o       Shaving cream                                 Water color paint with Kool-Aid powder

o       Spice collage                                 Color on sandpaper with crayons

o       Nose prints                                   Paint with different textures           

o       Bubble wrap roller printing                  Puffy paint

o       Mirror art                                             Decorate binoculars


Special Activities

o       Go on a sight walk or play “I spy…..” in the classroom

o       Texture walk

o       Marching band with instruments

o       Tasting party

o       What do we hear? Walk

  • Eye doctor dramatic play