124 Lesson Plan: Music

124 Lesson Plan

Topic: Music and Instruments

Concepts for the Week:

  • Music is singing, instruments, or a combination of both.
  • Music is a pleasant sound that creates harmony and rhythm.
  • Many people like to dance to music.
  • Some common instruments include drums, piano, guitar, xylophone, shakers, tambourine, flute, recorder, triangle and more.
  • Genres of music include classical, jazz, hip-hop, alternative, country, rap, pop and blues.

Group Time:

  • Listen to a variety of individual instruments and try to guess what instrument we hear. (Listening)
  • Create our own song by coming up with lyrics and a tune. Then record and listen to it afterwards. (Creative, listening)
  • Listen to a variety of music genres and introduce each to the children. Discuss what the similarities and differences are. (Cognitive, listening)
  • Do our “Instrument” Flannel board. Discuss the different instruments through song. (Literacy, listening)
  • Use our classroom instruments to play and sing along to songs we know. (Cognitive, social, motor)


  • Free draw while listening to a variety of music. Discuss if different music makes you draw in different ways. For example: hard, fast, slow, soft, etc. (Motor, creative, listening)
  • Create shakers with plastic water bottles, Fill them up with different items such as corn kernels, rice, beans, and sand. Discuss the differences in sounds they make. (Motor, creative, listening)
  • Paint guitars we made from recyclables. (creative)
  • String bells onto yarn. (Motor)
  • Drum paining using paper towel rolls. (Motor, creative)


o       “Mix with sound”. Attach bells to the tops spoons while mixing shaving cream and paint. (Sensory, creative)

o       Create “Jingle soup”- Water, bells, tongs and bowls. Mix bells and transfer from water to empty bowls. (Sensory, creative, listening)

o       “Hop on Pop”. Jump on bubble wrap while listening to music. (Motor, creative, listening)

o       Eggs, rice, and scoops to create egg shakers. (Motor, sensory)


Special Activity:

Listening center with a variety of genres