Lesson Plan- Friday, March 11, 2016

Toddler One Lesson Plan


Group Time: (Literacy)

•Read Planting a Rainbow

•Read Rainbow Rabbit

•Read Mouse Paint

•Read Little Blue, Little Yellow

•Sing “Rainbow Shining Overhead”

•Sing “I Can Sing a Rainbow”


Creative Art: (Creative/ Motor)

•Markers on white poster board while listening to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

•Rainbow hand and foot prints on poster board

•Window art

•Rainbow tissue paper collage on contact paper

•Cotton ball painting with baby bottles


Sensory: (Fine/Gross Motor)

•Multicultural people and rainbow scarves

•Mixing red, blue and yellow goop

•Plastic balls and water

•Rainbow Playdough and tools

•Rainbow sand and cups



•Rainbow magnets

•Sorting chips

•Rainbow lock boxes


Special Group Project

 Theme Days

Monday: Favorite Color Day

Tuesday: Red and Yellow Day

Wednesday: Blue and Purple Day

Thursday: Green and Orange Day

Friday: College Day


Parent Involvement

•Join in on our Rainbow handprint art at drop off or pick up!