Room 124red Lesson Plan

Toddler II Lesson Plan

Topic: Fruit



  • Fruit is the edible, sweet part of a plant.
  • There are often seeds in a fruit.
  • Fruits come in many sizes, shapes and colors.
  • Eating fruit helps make you healthy and strong.


Group Time:

  • Flannel board The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Discuss with the children which of the foods the caterpillar ate are fruits, which are not.  Which of the foods are healthy?  Chart the foods as healthy or not. (literacy, cognitive)
  • Name that fruit.  Show the children pictures of different types of fruit.  Can they name them?  Chart the different shapes of fruit whether circle, triangle or oval. (cognitive, language)
  • Go on a fruit hunt.  Find hidden plastic fruit in the classroom.  (social, language, critical thinking.)
  • Where does fruit come from?  With books and photos show children that some fruit comes from trees, some from plants.  What is your favorite?  Record responses. (science, language, literacy)



  • Glue construction paper shapes.  Discuss what pieces are shaped like pieces of fruit. (creative, cognitive)
  • Colored glue on aluminum foil (creative)
  • Print with plastic fruit and stamp pads (creative, sensory)
  • Literacy materials (creative, language, motor)



  • Fruitand golf tees. Discuss that the fruit peels help to protect the fruit like skin helps to protect our bodies. (sensory)
  • Shaving cream and plastic fruit (sensory)
  • Corn meal and scoops (sensory)
  • People and oatmeal (sensory, creative)


Four Person/Manipulative:

  • Farm animals and barns (creative, social)
  • Aquadoodle (motor, creative)
  • Geo boards (motor, math)


Special Activity:

 Fruit salad (motor, social)