Lesson Plan- February 5, 2016

Toddler One Lesson Plan

Objects in Motion


Group Time: (Literacy)

  • Read From Head to Toe

  • Read Round & Round & Round

  • Read Journey Home From Grandpa’s

  • Read Trains, Boats and Planes

  • Read Press Here

  • Sing “Walking, Walking, Hop, Hop, Hop”

  • Sing “Clap your Hands”


Creative Art: (Creative/ Motor)

  • Pushing tires on poster board

  • Rolling balls in a box

  • Painting with cars

  • Painting with hand rollers

  • Painting with fly swatters


Sensory: (Fine/Gross Motor)

  • Fish massagers in goop

  • Rollers and playdoh

  • Water and water wheels

  •  Ramps and transportation toys

  • Movement sensory bottles



  • Textured balls

  • Babies and strollers

  • Riding toys

  • Grocery carts

Special Group Project

Create an obstacle course in the mini gym that allows our bodies to explore a variety of different movements fast and slow.

Parent Involvement

•Please feel free to bring in an object that moves for your child to share at group time.

Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum through daily interaction and planned activity.