Newsletter- March 25, 2016

Toddler One Newsletter

Room Announcements

  • Please bring in a white shirt for your child to decorate.

Topic of the Week:


This week the children were immersed in how technology is involved in their everyday environments. During group time, the teachers read stories such as Spot Bakes A Cake by: Eric Hill and learned that the ovens in our homes are powered by technology in order to bake and cook food. Children enjoyed listening to magnet boards such as, "The Transportation Song" where they were able to view pictures of boats, trains, planes, etc, and learned how these ways of transportation help us get from one point to another use different forms of technology.  For sensory, the children were able to interact with technology while playing with our light cube. The children observed how it changed colors and how it looked as a backdrop for different objects held against it.  During art activities the children were able to use different materials to paint on pasteboard and construction paper. Materials like, blocks, tooth brushes, and cups. 

Tip Of The Week

Raise A Grateful Child

  • Tell them "Thank you".
  • Let them see and hear you thanking others, modeling behavior is one of the best ways a child learns.
  • Do not give in to everything your child wants. When limiting the items children want, will allow them to appreciate the things they have. 
  • Discuss the difference between a "want" and a "need" with your children. 

Quote of the Week

" A children's story that is only enjoyed by children, is a bad children's story."

                                                                                              -C.S. Lewis

Did You Know?

Even in a group setting, teachers are able to base curriculum and activities upon each child's individual developmental abilities. 

Next Week: Feelings/Emotions

Have a wonderful weekend!

Toddler One Staff