Room 124 Red Lesson Plan

Job Responsibilities and Occupations

Concepts for the Week:

  • We all need to work together as a team to keep our room clean.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to take care of certain chores around the classroom.
  • Our jobs will include things such as helping with the laundry, holding the clipboard, and holding the door.
  • Jobs around the house or school can also be called chores.
  • Jobs and responsibilities give us ownership and a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Adults have jobs too and some examples are teacher, doctor, astronaut and farmer.


Group Time Objectives (Integrated Content Areas)

  • Read the book The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone.  Talk about how the hen worked all alone trying to make some bread.  Discuss how they all could have worked as a team to help the hen. (language, literacy, cognitive.)
  • Discuss what jobs the children do at home to help out.  Make a list (social, literacy.)
  • Bring the job chart up stairs, and go over each of the responsibilities with the children.  Talk about how ten children will have a job to do and two will have the week off.  Sing “This is the way we…” and fill in with chores that we can do around the room (cognitive, language, social)
  • Read Now What Can I Do? By Margaret Bridges.  What does the little raccoon do to make chores fun?  Could we do the same thing? ( language, social, critical thinking.)


Art Appreciation/Art:

  • Spray bottles and squeegees (creative, motor)
  • Dot Dot art on paper towels (creative, motor.)
  • Sponge painting (motor, creative.)
  • Glitter and glue sticks (fine motor.)

Creative Expression/Sensory:

  • Sink or float in water.  Which items float?  Which do not? (sensory, science, critical thinking.)
  • Pitchers, cups and water. (motor, sensory.)
  • Flubber and cookie cutters (Sensory, motor.)
  • Make sensory bags with using various sensory materials (cognitive, motor.)



Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum through daily interaction and planned activity,