Room 124red Lesson Plan

Toddler II Lesson Plan

Topic: Stop That Pickle by Peter Armour



  • o       Stop That Pickle is a Toddler II favorite.  It is a silly story about a pickle that does not want to get eaten and how he escapes his pursuers.  By introducing a cast of may different foods it touches on the science of taste.



Group Time Objectives (Integrated Content Area):

  • o       Read Stop That Pickle. Discuss with the children which of the foods they would eat if they were the little boy.  Record their responses.

  • o       Discuss with the children that there are four different types of taste; sweet, sour, salty and bitter.  Chart the foods in this book into the category the children think they fit into.

  • o       Read The Gingerbread Man.  Did the same thing happen to the gingerbread man as the pickle?


    Art Appreciation/Art:

  • o       Paint with edible paint and ice cream cones on wax paper

  • o       Paint with powder paint on contact paper using our feet

  • o       Purple paint with straws on bubble wrap

  • o       Decorate boxes


    Creative Expression/Sensory:

  • o       Hair gel and liquid color in Ziploc bags

  • o       Spread jelly on toasted bread

  • o       Cut apple or pickles slices with butter knife

  • o       Tongs and ping pong balls floating in water and containers


    Manipulative Table (Physical Development):

  • o       Green play dough with plastic knives and plates

  • o       Purple water with scoops and containers

  • o       Ice cream toy with plates



Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum through daily interactions and planned activity.