T1 Lesson Plan

Toddler One Lesson Plan


Women In History


Group Time: (Literacy)

  •   Read My name is not Isabella

  •   Read Who was Harriet Tubman?

  •  Read Who was Sacagawea?

  •  Read Frida

  • Read Who was Jane Goodall?


Creative Art: (Creative/Motor)

  • Painting with planes on poster board (Amelia Earhart)

  • Painting with trains on paper (Harriet Tubman)

  •  Animal foot prints in stamps on paper (Jane Goodall)

  • Painting with sticks on recycled paper (Maria Montessori)

  • Painting a horseshoe (Sacagwea)


    Sensory: (Fine/Gross Motor)

  • Multicultural people and oats

  • Multicultural babies and school clothes

  • Water, medicine droppers, and cups

  • Sticks, snow or dirt, and containers



  • Dishwasher and dress up clothes (Josephine Cochrane)

  • Ice cream cones (Nancy Johnson)

  • Brown paper bags and play food (Margaret Knight)

  • Keyboards (Dr. Grace Murry Hopper)


Parent Involvement

  •  Feel free to bring in or email a picture of an important woman in your family.



  • Technology, Health and Safety are incorporated throughout the curriculum through daily interaction and planned activity