Toddler One Newsletter 1-29-16

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  • ·         121 would like to wish Mallory Chin good luck in Toddler Two’s!



  • ·         If you have any interesting science experiments you and your family do at home feel free to email and share them with the teachers. Or if you have any books related to science please bring them in.


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Topic of the Week


                This week the children explored a variety of bubbles. The children saw how washing with soap and water created bubbles on their hands. We also learned a new song about bubbles called, “I Had A Tiny Turtle.”

                During art, the children used bubble wrap on rolling pins to paint on paper. The children painted with watercolors and watched the teachers make bubbles by adding soapy water to the paint. Some children repeated with delight, “Bubble!”

                In the sensory table the children were able to explore bubbles in water. The children helped the teachers mix the water and soap together to create the bubbles. The children were able to experience cause and effect first hand when mixing. The children enjoyed walking across the bubble wrap on the ground. Some made a popping sound while a different type of bubble wrap did not pop. The bubble wrap that did not pop intrigued the children and caused them to jump up and down in an effort to try and make it pop.

                The highlight of the week was simply playing with real bubbles as the teacher’s blow them around the classroom. The children would follow the bubbles and try to pop each one.

      Tip of the Week

Respecting Property

Teach your youngster that taking care of property is respectful. You might point out that replacing the cap on the toothpaste shows respect for the next person who brushes her teeth. Or explain that keeping your table clean in a restaurant is respectful toward the waiter who will clear it.



The Thank You Game

This activity lets your youngster practice thanking people graciously. Take turns handing each other random items from around the house (spoon, sock, pencil). No matter what the item is, thank each other, and say something you like about it. Example: “Thank you for the spoon. I love how shiny it is.”




“Try to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Chinese Proverb


“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” John Muir




Did you know?


It is important for you to ensure that your child/children are with you upon exiting for the day. Children love to run ahead of you and open the doors but it is not safe if they are not supervised at such a busy time of day.

Next Week: Science

Have a great weekend! J

Toddler I Staff


Parent Comments: What are some science experiments you have done at home?

Please write your answer on the Parent Corner “Board” in the Toddler Hallway.