“Our boys love the enrichment programs at Nielsen, and we have been very impressed with the teachers. Alex waits all week for Spanish class, and they both have a great time teaching us the songs and dances they learn with Miss Carole and Miss Lisa”
– Dawn Ferencz, parent


“GBN was able to work with me to accomodate my child's food allergy. They helped me a great deal with my daugther's needs. I was very glad to have her there for three years until the first grade.”
– Sophia Roe, parent


“The staff at GBN is nothing short of amazing. Every teacher Benjamin has had truly cares for him, and I feel confident that he is in the best of hands.”
– Jennifer Ping, parent


“This center treats their staff like professionals and has high standards for them. Just as we nurture children to reach their full potential, staff are encouraged to strive for excellence as well and besides, having a great staff makes work a lot more fun.”
– Pam McLoraine, staff


“The indoor and outdoor spaces at GBN are amazing. The classrooms are full of life with so many things to stimulate their mind and bodies. The outdoor playgrounds for all age levels are full of trees and wonderful play equipment, gardens, and natural playscapes. My boys couldn't get enough of it.”
– Joy Lewis, parent


“Everyday, I see the evidence that my daughter is thriving and excelling as I am totally confident that every minute she spends at GBN is healthy for our entire family.”
– John Terry and Karen Laskey Terry, parents


“I wish I knew earlier about GBNs robust all day Kindergarten class and sent my older twins to their program vs public half day Kindergarten. Now that my youngest has experienced GBN, I could not imagine sending him anywhere else.”

“My son just made the cut off for Kindergarten, but we decided to hold him back and enroll in the all day Jr Kindergarten program at GBN. His learning and development blossomed and progressed beyond our expectations. We are re-enrolling in GBNs Sr Kindergarten program again as we could not turn back now and go to public half day program.” 
– Robyn Pflomm, parent


“We are so excited to see her social skills and language blossom since her transition into the Preschool Program. Our shy girl is opening up, making new friends and sharing more of her daily experiences with us. GBN is providing her with a secure place to open up & explore. -We are grateful to have such a wonderful place for her to grow.”


“Even for the Infant Program, I never call GBN a Day Care Center, it is a school in every way. The staff is so loving and warm to the children. I find it amazing that teachers that are not in Benjamin's classroom know him & comment about him to me as we pass through the halls.”
–Kirsten Schumacher, parent