Volunteer Program

"The joy I receive from the children far exceeds my contribution.”
– Bobbie Miller, volunteer

When a volunteer is in the classroom, the children receive the benefit of extra care and attention. They also learn about things from the past, experience someone else's talents and talk to someone who thinks the world of him/her.

For the volunteer, their life is enriched by the relationships and connections formed with the children, parents, and staff. Each hug, smile, picture and word that a child gives a volunteer is a special gift.

A volunteer may come from different walks of life and our children benefit from experiences with people of diverse ages and cultures. At our school we have active volunteers who give their time, dedication and love to our children each and every week. Some of the volunteers like to be called Grandma, Grandpa, some variation meaning grandparent and some prefer to be called by their first name. Here are some things you may find a volunteer doing in your child's classroom;

  • Some volunteers share special recipes and show the children step by step how to prepare them. The volunteers have made breads, cookies or mini pizzas with the children.
  • Some volunteers share stories. Stories they liked as children and new stories that they think the children will enjoy. Sharing a book with a child is a wonderful way to help a child use his/her mind.
  • Some volunteers just spend some quality one on one time with a child that might be feeling sad, having a hard time playing with the other children or one that needs some special attention. The volunteers are gifted at making each child feel unique, special and loved.
  • Some volunteers bring special games or art projects, but ALL the volunteers bring their hearts. Each and every volunteer is at our school because they love being around the children. Whether they rock a child to sleep, sing and dance with the toddlers or help a preschooler tie his/her shoes, the children benefit from their presence.

We are grateful to all of our volunteers for their dedication, patience, time and love. Along with all they do for the children, they also help the staff in the classroom. From setting up lunch to assisting with special activities, these volunteers do a lot.

For more information about volunteering please contact our Human Resource Coordinator at 847-564-3004