Safety and Security


The school is open Monday through Friday from 7AM to 6PM. A child may be at school for a maximum of ten (10) hours per day. There may be circumstances when the school requests an adjustment in a child’s drop off and/or pick up times. These requests are made in the best interests of the child. These time adjustments need to be adhered to for the child to remain in the program.

The parent is to sign in the child on the proper form in the classroom as the parent is leaving. This signature transfers responsibility for the child from the parent to the school. Prior to signing the child in, the parent will help the child remove coat, boots, etc., placing them in the child’s cubby. The parent then accompanies the child to his teacher to notify the teacher of the child’s presence.

At the time of pick up, the responsible person is to sign out the child immediately. This transfers responsibility for the child to the parent. After signing out, verbally notify the staff person in charge that the child is leaving. For the health and safety of the infants, we do not allow older siblings to accompany parents into the infant rooms during drop off or pick up.

It is required that parents and children follow the limits set by the program. The most frequent problems are allowing a child to stand on the furniture or planter boxes, running inside, or using outside voices in the school. Parents need to accompany children when exiting the school. The parking lot on Willow Road is very dangerous.


Access to the school is limited. The exterior doors are locked. Entry is permitted through an access device system. It is understood that this may be inconvenient at times. However, the security of the children is our primary concern. Families need to be aware that this school is only as secure as we make it. Everyone’s cooperation and assistance are needed in monitoring others who enter the school as we exit or enter. Everyone entering the school should have an access device in hand. Do not hold the door open for those individuals without an access device.


Only the guardian who has enrolled the child, and those people the guardian has listed under “Authorized to pick up” will be allowed to take the child from the center. All individuals “Authorized to pick up” must be prepared to provide photo identification when picking up your child.