Emergency Information


Voice mail is not considered an emergency telephone number. We must have access to a person who is able to contact a parent immediately in an emergency situation. A pager contact and cellular telephone numbers are additional information that should be provided.


Please use the “change” form, available at the front desk, to notify the school of any change of information from your original enrollment, medical forms, or emergency card. It is critical for the school to have correct telephone numbers in case of emergencies.


The school has a plan in effect. It is available for review by parents and staff.


In the event that the Gertrude B. Nielsen Child Care & Learning Center must close for an emergency, it is the responsibility of the parents and staff to refer to the following procedures.

The Director or Administrator in charge will determine if the school will be closed for the day or if an early closing is necessary due to inclement weather, power outage, water problems, or other unforeseen disasters that would compromise the health and safety of the children. A sign will be posted in the morning to alert parents if there is a possibility of an early closing due to severe weather.

We are registered with the following radio and TV stations: WBBM, 780AM and WGN 720AM as well as CBS ch.2, NBC ch. 5, ABC ch. 7, WBN ch. 9, WFLD FOX and CLTV cable. Parents and staff may also access information on the Internet, from www.emergencyclosing.com. Teachers will attempt to call families in the event of an early closing, when school is currently in session.

It is imperative that parents make sure that all emergency card information is current and accurate – voice mail is not an appropriate contact.


The school is located in incorporated Glenview, with a Northbrook mailing address. If a child is transported to a medical facility, it will be Glenbrook Hospital, 2100 Pfingsten Rd., Glenview. This would be under the supervision of the Glenview Fire Department paramedics. A staff member from the school will accompany and remain with the child, until a parent arrives. Telephone number is (847)657-5800.

Emergency Response Plans

The safety and security of our children, teachers and families have always been our first priority. To this end we have been in close contact with local law enforcement to insure your children’s well being in the event of an emergency. We have stocked the following supplies and taken the following measures:


  • Emergency lighting throughout the school
  • First Aid Kits throughout the school
  • Loud Speakers on the Playgrounds
  • Duct Tape and Plastic Coverings
  • Emergency Food Supplies and Bottled Water
  • Battery Powered Weather/ Emergency Alert Radio
  • Multiple Flashlights
  • Emergency Telephone that plugs directly in phone jack in case of power failure
  • Blankets
  • Emergency Information and Medication


  • Teachers trained in CPR and First Aid
  • Monthly Fire and Tornado Drills
  • Shelter In Place Drills and Lock Down Drills

We have arranged two off site locations in case of the need to evacuate our children. They are Allstate and Astellas.

In addition, the Police and Fire Department now have a GBN color-coded floor plan that includes entrances and exits, utilities, storage and maintenance areas, work and cell phone numbers. These plans are carried in police cars and fire trucks to minimize response time. The Glenview Police Department led the way in developing this plan.

What Parents Should Know For Shelter in Place or Lock Downs

  • If children or parents are sheltered in place or locked down, stay put until an all clear is issued.
  • Parents should not try to enter school. You will not have access.
  • Call the Glenview Police non emergency number-847-729-5000 for the latest information.

What Parents Should Know For Evacuation and Off Site Sheltering

  • As soon as off site evacuation areas are identified, you will be informed.
  • In the event of evacuation, emergency cards will be taken with us and you will be called and instructed where to go to pick up your child.