Ten Things You Should Know

  1. Community events that can help your family are highlighted in our newsletters and posted on the parent bulletin board above the tuition box.
  2. A confidentiality policy regarding children’s files is part of our operating procedures. That policy is posted on the parent area of our website and in new to school packets for your review and signature. Your receipt of the policy is kept in your child’s school file.
  3. Reports are given regarding yearly program evaluation and program improvement efforts at Director’s Chats and in Messages from the Director. Your input is critical to the process of evaluation and it is gathered through annual parent questionnaires, meetings and written correspondence.
  4. Parents are encouraged to participate in classrooms, and in leadership roles on ad hoc committees such as strategic planning, accreditation, and the parent welcoming committee.
  5. Our school uses the services of a nurse consultant and a school psychologist/developmental specialist to help identify and work with children who have special needs. A list of several public and private community resources and referrals is posted on the parent area of our website and a book of resource and referrals is available for your use in the Director’s Office.
  6. Nielsen works with school districts and community organizations to support children with special needs by referring children and collaborating with programs and services for those children found eligible for such services.
  7. The program staff use information about your family background and beliefs to make each child’s learning experiences more meaningful. Should you need a translator to share information or understand communications about your child, the school will work to provide one for you.
  8. Nielsen has a private breast-feeding room for nursing mothers. 
  9. Nielsen visits and works closely with area schools to ensure a smooth transition for children moving from Nielsen to kindergarten or first grade.
  10. Nielsen works with families whose children have allergies or special nutritional needs. Staff is trained in allergy awareness and allergy action plans are carefully documented and followed.