Confidentiality Policy

All information about children in our program is considered confidential. It is collected for making plans in the child’s best interest and is kept in two different ways, children’s files and children’s portfolios. Access will be provided to teachers, the Administrative Coordinators, the Executive Director and others who need to know about the child in order to complete their job.

The children’s files are in a locked cabinet in the Center’s office. These files contain the forms completed by the family upon enrollment, conference summaries, and contacts between teachers and families (e.g., intake forms and parent staff communication notes). Medical information is also contained in these files. A Release of Information form signed by the family is required for any information to be shared with other individuals not mentioned above. At no time, either during or after enrollment will information from the child’s file be released unless specifically requested in writing by the family.

The children’s portfolios are in the classrooms and are accessed by teachers, administrators, families, and children. The portfolios contain developmental checklists, samples of children’s work, written documentations and photographs. Families will receive the children’s portfolios upon withdrawal from school.

Discussions among teaching staff and program administration are conducted frequently and with respect to confidentiality. Sensitive information is shared with others who are responsible for the care of the children only when that information is necessary (E.g., Nurse Consultant, Inclusion Specialists).

When children are no longer enrolled in our program, their file contents will remain in our possession. Parents and/or legal guardians may have access to review their child’s file by request.