Health Policy Agreement

To assist with a better understanding of the center’s policies regarding common illness signs and symptoms, we have set up new guidelines for parental contact and when children are excluded from care at our center.

Courtesy Calls

Courtesy calls will be made by staff when any symptoms of illness occur in a child including

  • Vomiting – 1 episode
  • Diarrhea – 1 episode
  • Any undetermined rash (even without presence of fever)
  • Eye redness or drainage
  • Elevated temperature – 100.0 degrees F or higher

Emergency Pick Up Calls

Emergency pick up calls will be made when signs of sudden illness happen and parents or noted emergency contacts are expected to pick up the individual child within one hour of the call including:

  • Vomiting – 2 episodes
  • Diarrhea – 2 episodes
  • Skin rash that is red, spreading, may have pus blisters or fever
  • Undiagnosed eye drainage
  • Head lice or nits on hair shaft
  • Elevated temperature – 100.5 degrees F combined with another major illness symptom listed above
  • Fever – 101.5 degrees F and rising; taken every twenty minutes and reported

By working cooperatively together, we can ensure the health and safety of all children enrolled at our center.

Parents/guardians can help

  • Be considerate and use good judgment; do not send your child to the center ill.
  • Please call as soon as possible to let the center know that your child will not be attending and the symptoms/diagnosis of illness or health concern.
  • Make arrangements in case your child becomes ill and needs to be at home. Please make alternate arrangements to pick up your child if you cannot arrive at the center in a timely manner.
  • Keep your child home until fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication.

All temperatures will be taken by forehead/temporal scanner and reported as a direct reading to ensure accuracy. Once an elevated temperature is noted, children will be monitored every twenty minutes by the scanner to check rising trends.