Toddler I - Toddler II Transition

Transition Packets

As your child transitions from one program to another, you will be required to attend a transition meeting. You will meet the age level coordinator, as well other parents whose children are transitioning at the same time. At these meetings you will be given necessary information to ensure a successful transition for your child and family.

Toddler I - Toddler II

So you’re just moving across the hall! Although this move from young to older toddler seems almost seamless, like any transition it is filled with growth and change. Your toddlers’ language has exploded and he/she is ready for a larger group of playmates and more challenging curriculum. No doubt you have already seen the signs that your child wants to develop independence and is starting to do things “all by myself.” You will see many differences in your child and the program at school. At the TI-TII transition meeting we will be discussing those changes and providing information on the important developmental milestones your child will be achieving. We will talk about the toilet learning process, how to help your children begin to solve their own problems, make good choices and get along with others. Projects, lesson plans and child assessment will also be discussed. We will give you the tools to make the “terrible twos into the “terrific twos!”