Toddler II - Preschool Transition

Transition Packets

As your child transitions from one program to another, you will be required to attend a transition meeting. You will meet the age level coordinator, as well other parents whose children are transitioning at the same time. At these meetings you will be given necessary information to ensure a successful transition for your child and family.

Toddler II - Preschool

Your child has become an independent and very curious preschooler. He/She is more comfortable socializing and can function in a larger group setting. In preschool your child will continue to explore the world through meaningful hands on activities that will build knowledge and competence. Our preschool program offers a great array of learning materials and our expectations of your child and family are different. As in each of our programs, there are changes you will need to be aware of to make this transition success for your child and you. The transition meeting you will be required to attend will help you understand the steps we will take to help your child continue to learn and grow. We will talk about the curriculum, project approach, lesson plans, a new assessment system, and how we will communicate with you throughout the year. We will discuss ways we can partner with you to help your child increase his/her knowledge and skills in all areas of learning.