Age-Level Coordinator

Interactions with Parents

  • Possesses a strong, working philosophy of child development and developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Is able to use philosophy to back up policies and explain to parent and staff why things are done a certain way.
  • Ability to apply different approaches to "reach" parents when assisting them to understand a situation and what we are trying to do with the children.
  • Ability to plan and execute (if necessary) a parent meeting, seminar, or workshop.
  • Be able to lend support to parents by:
  1.       Answering their questions.
  2.       Referring parents to other sources (Resource Area, counseling, etc.).
  3.       Providing articles &/or books.
  • Respect for parents and parent/family stressors.
  • Sincere interest in the "whole" family.
  • Ability to communicate easily in a non-threatening manner.
  • Ability to determine if a conference is needed.
  • Ability to plan for and execute a parent conference.
  • Ability to handle informal, mini-conferences at end or beginning of day.
  • Not intimidated by others expressing a differing opinion or request.
  • Ability to relate child development principles and back them up.
  • PORTFOLIOS:  Able to tactfully relay the developmental progress of a child.
  • NOTES HOME:  What to say and how to say it.  (For example, illness report, accident report, difficult note, preconference and conference write-up).

Interaction with Children

  • Difficult child/family:  Ability to create a plan for meeting the needs of a difficult child.  Ability to balance needs of entire class with needs of child. (Needs attention ... very time consuming).
  • Available as a resource for the teacher with suggestions and possible options.  Provides support for other teachers, coordinators and staff who are involved with a difficult child/family.
  • Classroom Management:
  1. Possesses skills to be aware of situations in all age-level rooms and to manage accordingly.
  2. Available for resource & suggestion of possible options.
  3. Support for lead teacher.
  4. Devise a plan to assist an individual child.  Coordinates school plan with parents and all teachers involved.
  5. Observations and Interpretations:  Able to detect problems as they arise and decide on best plan of action for example, make changes in schedule, room arrangement, activities planned/toys available, staff relations & interaction with children, transitions, and group times.
  6. Remains flexible and diverse according to the needs of the children.

Time Management

  • Efficient.
  • Punctual.
  • Accurate with work.
  • Personal system of organization.

Interactions with Staff

  • Clean up responsibilities: set up a plan and implement.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Delegation skills.
  • Follow through skills.
  • Able to supervise staff who work during opposite shift.
  • Sets appropriate goals for staff.
  • Provides feedback to staff in a timely and consistent manner according to the guidelines established.
  • Follows through on goals with staff holding them accountable.
  • Mentoring:  setting expectations and feedback for classroom staff, floaters and substitutes.
  • Staff Conflict:  explain to staff reasons why something is done a certain way using philosophy to support and encourages team spirit.
  • Ability to do staffing for absenteeism's and vacation time-off requests.

Professional Skills

Staff (adult/adult)

  • Confront issues and be directive for others.
  • Recognize another employee's strengths, weaknesses and sensitivity.
  • Perception of problem that needs to be confronted vs. ignored.
  • Communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Solely responsible for staff knowledge of children, activities and changes.
  • Team effort.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Self directed and motivated to take the time to research individual problems and to assist parents or staff.
  • Delegate and maintain schedules of tasks for smooth organization of team.
  • Documentation and logging of scenarios, conversations, and/or serious situations and then routed accordingly to administrators.


  • Flexible.
  • An ability to keep feelings about a family objective and non- judgmental.
  • Keeps feelings about staff and children objective.
  • Freedom to approach each other for help, support and ideas.
  • Morale building with each other.
  • Strengthen self-esteem.
  • Respect each other's individuality by recognizing and accepting differences.


  • Willingness to accept the general responsibility for the total classroom environment.
  • Strong developmental philosophy to be able to model appropriate behaviors and communicate the philosophy.


  • Willing to continue to grow personally and professionally.
  • Realistic viewpoint of E.C.E. field (Its potential and limitations).
  • Clear understanding of where see self in 5 years.

Application Procedure for the Position of Coordinator

  • Need to give school a commitment of a minimum of 2 years in program coordinator position.
  • Interested candidates are required to write, AN ESSAY that includes:
  1. personal philosophy
  2. curriculum and program philosophy
  3. parent/teacher relationship philosophy
  4. head teacher/staff relationship philosophy
  5. peer relationship philosophy (teacher/coordinator)
  6. discipline
  7. organizational approach to program/classroom
  8. plans and view of professional enrichment
  9. personal reasons and motivation for wanting to become a coordinator
  10. areas candidate views self as needing to grow personally and professionally

General Comments

The person chosen for the position will need to posses the following:

  • ble to ask for help and not see it as a failure or personal affront.
  • Ability to consistently follow through with what needs to be done (without being asked).
  • Open minded: not resistant to change.
  • Ability to see the "entire" picture.
  • Responsible for supervising multiple classrooms, staff, families and children.
  • Ability to follow through with program plans.
  • Experience with the next age group: this gives greater understanding of current age.
  • FLEXIBLE: able to give up power.
  • One year employment at GBNCCLC as a Classroom Lead Teacher is the minimum before being "promotable".  (Exception: verified experience as head teacher elsewhere for two years or longer, with skills as per our criteria.)    
  • Age Level Coordinators must be confident and assertive with the ability to follow through with what has been asserted as desired behavior is required.