All School Floater


To assist the classroom teachers when a staff member may be out sick or on vacation in providing a warm and nurturing environment for children.  It is expected that this person be flexible, adaptable and reliable to work in all age groups and the various shifts.  This person may also assist administration in “special” projects or light clerical work. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Interact, initiate, and encourage the children in the activities throughout the day.
  • Develop warm relationships with children while helping the children to develop autonomy.
  • Be aware of the classroom atmosphere and act in the best interests of children.  Immediately report any inappropriate behavior towards a child to a supervisor.
  • Help the children control behavior using a positive, appropriate approach: implementing a consistent technique according to school philosophy and policy.
  • Assist with the health, safety, sanitation and maintenance of the classroom, kitchen and all school “shared” areas (laundry room, staff break room, staff/school library, teacher resource area, main kitchen, storage areas.
  • Set up and/or clean up classroom activities to include making breakfast, preparing snack, and classroom laundry.
  • Assist the teacher in planning activities for the group and offering suggestions and information about the children as requested
  • Read communication book and sub/floater binder in each classroom, and the communication book by the time clock for daily school information
  • Develop a cooperative and supportive attitude with the members of program staff and administration.
  • Assist the teacher in record keeping by passing on observations regarding the children’s health, behavior, and development.
  • Provide feedback to parents (written or verbal) as delegated by teacher, coordinator or director.
  • Attend staff meetings as requested.
  • Assist in school and classroom maintenance as needed or assigned ranging from classroom assistance, to light clerical and housekeeping duties.   

Reporting Relationships

  • Report to an Administrator at the front desk for daily assignment.
  • Report issues to the Lead Teacher in your assigned classroom and/or follow the chain of command.
  • Report to Human Resource Coordinator for job performance and employee issues. 

Limits of Authority

  • Giving direction to other staff members
  • Discussion of child’s behavior with parents other than positive anecdotal comment or as directed by classroom teacher.
  • Leaving the classroom without permission. 


  • Minimum: 30 college credits, one year of experience and 6 ece hours or 60 college credits with 6 ece hours.
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Associates of Arts, or CDA and/or equivalency with experience in full day child care setting.


  • Ability to relate joyfully to all children.
  • Ability to relate well to staff and families.
  • Decision making skills and judgment to handle crisis situations.
  • Evidence of emotional maturity and stability.
  • Sensitivity to children’s individual needs.
  • Ability to use appropriate and positive discipline.
  • Dependability.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and professional demeanor in all situations.
  • Willingness to accept supervision and follow program goals, training manual, staff regulations and personnel policies.
  • Daily attendance and punctuality. (Consistent staff with minimal absences is required in our program).
  • Ability to lift and carry a 40-pound child to safety.
  • A physical every 2 years with a T.B. clearance.
  • Obtain 15 hours of professional in service training every school year.
  • CPR/First Aid Training ( See HR for details)
  • Attend family festivals as requested
  • Attend all day staff in-service (for full time floaters)
  • Physical stamina to maintain rigorous pace of a full day child care program
  • Flexibility to cover all work shifts.  

Time Commitment

3 to 8 hours per day, depending on scheduling and the school’s needs