Split Shift or Part Time Classroom Assistant


Toassist the Age Level Coordinator and Lead Teacher in providing a warm and nurturing environment for families that supports their children’s development.

Key Responsibilities

The following are core guidelines to be used as a frame of reference:

  • Develop friendly, warm communications with the parents through positive greetings and conversation at drop off and/or pick up.
  • Develop warm relationships with the children.
  • Interact, initiate, and encourage the children in the activities during the day.
  • Help the children control behavior using a positive, appropriate approach, according to the school’s philosophy.
  • Attend staff meetings as requested.
  • Self-monitoring of the classroom: It is the responsibility of every staff member to be aware of the classroom atmosphere and what is best for children.  Any inappropriate behavior towards a child should be reported immediately to a supervisor.
  • Assist with the sanitary condition of the classroom, kitchen, and all school ‘shared’ areas (laundry room, staff break room, main kitchen, and storage areas).
  • Willingness to set up and/or clean up classroom activities.
  • Read all communication books (all school, classroom & parent).
  • Continued, frequent use of the classroom communication notebook to leave notes for the assistant and lead teachers.
  • Become a valuable and cooperative team member.

Additional Responsibilities (with agreement from the lead teacher)

  • Provide positive feedback to parents (written or verbal) as requested by the lead teacher.
  • Assist lead teacher and assistant teacher in lesson planning.
  • Assist lead teacher and assistant teacher in writing newsletters.
  • Attend parent conferences as requested.
  • Clearly direct substitutes or floaters when they are in the room with specific directions.
  • Take action to discipline a child in accordance with school policy.
  • Take the initiative to do the ‘extra’ things that create a special, warm environment for the children (warm tone of voice, one-on-one attention to children, display genuine interest in children’s interests, show children respect for their individuality, attention to details like asking how a vacation was, share own self and special talents, share new ideas, creative story telling, take children’s ideas and use them in the classroom). 

Mandatory Professional Growth

  • Read articles as assigned by the lead teacher.
  • Attend family festivals as requested by the lead teacher.
  • Attend all day staff in service (currently scheduled in June)
  • Attend bi-weekly staff development workshops as requested.

Reporting Relationships:

  • Report to Assistant Teacher or Lead Teacher (person who work within the classroom).
  • In absence of Assistant Teacher and Lead Teacher, report to Age Level Coordinator.

Limits of Authority (must have prior approval form supervisor)

  • Leaving the classroom.
  • Giving direction to other staff members.


  • Minimum 2 years college and 12 units in Early childhood  
  • Associates or BA in ECE/CD or related field is preferred


  • A warm and friendly personality
  • Sensitive to the feelings and needs of others
  • Able to relate well to children
  • Willing to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with school’s educational philosophy and program.
  • Emotional maturity and stability
  • Judgment to handle crisis situations.
  • Ability to take direction and work in a team setting.
  • Ability to lift and carry a 40 pound child to safety.
  • A physical every 2 years with a T.B. clearance.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Physical stamina to maintain rigorous pace of a full day child care program.
  • Obtain 15 hours of professional in service training every school year
  • Maintain CPR/First Aid Certification

Time Commitment

  • 3 to 8 hours per day, depending on scheduling and the school’s needs. (Schedules include split shift, or part time)
  • Non-Exempt Status