Infant Educarer


To establish a partnership with families to support their children’s development.

Key Responsibilities

To be included but not limited to


  • To ensure that each child spends his/her day in a warm, nurturing environment that stimulates development in a developmentally appropriate manner.
  • Monthly observations and write-ups for each infant.


This person must view staff training as an ongoing process.

Conduct and/or attend

  1. Monthly room meetings (pink, yellow, or blue)
  2. Weekly educarer meeting with the program coordinator and educarers of the other two rooms.
  3. Weekly Lead Teacher meetings
  4. Larger staff inservices.

Responsible for

  1. Facilitating each staff member in professional growth (including articles, training                 binder, informal conferences).
  2. Supervising, coaching and training the classroom staff.
  3. Providing feedback to staff on an ongoing basis according to the school philosophy.
  4. Accept responsibility for assisting and participating in the termination of a classroom employee, as requested by the Infant Age Level Coordinator.


  • This person will establish and support a partnership between family and school concerning all areas of their child’s development.


  • Seeing that developmentally appropriate activities are provided for all the children.
  • Coordinate supply needs and purchases.
  • Maintain and record the petty cash.
  • Maintain health and safety standards.
  • Enforce school policy.
  • Maintain uniformity (standardization) in the organization of classroom supplies.
  • Ensure that children are given the opportunity to go outside or to the mini gym on a daily basis as often as possible.
  • Supervise preparation of the room for arrival of new infants to the program (make cubby tags, labels for shelves, cribs ready, etc.).

Direct Assistance to the Age Level Coordinator

  • Writing the newsletter once every 3 months.
  • Plan, conduct and write up monthly classroom meetings.
  • Assist with the preparation of appropriate topics for inservice presentations.
  • Address issues that occur in the room in order to work out a solution together.
  • Contribute to the development of the topical article resource file.
  • Supervise the entries in the baby books.
  • Develop and maintain portfolios for each individual child that are age appropriate.
  • Maintain the substitute book (ensure children’s file cards and feeding schedules are up to date).
  • Enforce school policy.

Reporting Relationships

  • Report to Infant Age Level Coordinator.
  • In absence of Infant Coordinator, report to the Director.


  • CDA, Associates or higher degree or equivalent inChild Development /ECE  Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
  • A warm and friendly personality.
  • Sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.
  • Able to relate well to infants and adults.
  • Leadership and supervisory skills.


  • Evidence of emotional maturity and stability.
  • Decision making skills and judgment to handle crisis situations.
  • Physical stamina to maintain the rigorous pace of a full-day child care program (including inside and outside activities on a daily basis, year round).
  • A sincere commitment to maintain the highest quality program possible.
  • Ability to take directions and work in a team setting.
  • Ability to lift and carry a 40 pound child to safety.
  • A physical every 2 years with a T.B. clearance.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Obtain 15 hours of professional training every school year (July 1 to June 30).

Time Commitment

  • 32 to 40 hours a week or as needed.